"The nation of art, religion, and archaic tradition."

Bandaria is a nation ruled by its king, Cortez le Berceuse. In the events of ToDTNL, the nation is at total war with Biol.




Ruled by King Cortez le Berceuse.

Bandarian politics are also very strongly influenced by the Bandarian Church, religion a much bigger power in government compared to Biol or Cosci.



Titled "The Majestic Paradise"

Located on an offset island from the bulk of Bandaria's territory on the [insert name] continent. Connects to the rest of Bandaria via the expansive Corneta Bridge.

The magnificent capital of Bandaria, overflowing with artists from around the world that have gathered to share and take inspiration from others.

Trumpeteé also has the world's largest coliseum, where skilled battlers congregate from around the world to prove their worth and talents.


Titled "The Desert Oasis" (creative, I know)

A town structured around a large oasis, and a popular tourist spot.

Largely run and dominated by the Clarissimo Syndicate. Despite its fearsome reputation as the "mafia," the Clarissimo Syndicate is the reason that Clarissimo has the the lowest crime rates of all the cities in Bandaria.


Titled "The Echoing Caverns"

Located deep in the Piccolo Range, protected by natural mountain Barriers. The majority of the city is located inside caverns and caves, and the city is notorious for its labrinthian structure.

A scholar's city, and the center of studies on artes. Renowned for its prestigious magic academy.


Titled "The Forsaken Slums"

Located... somewhere near The Bandarian Faith Headquarters.

An extremely religious town, and overcrowded with penniless peasants. Also full of religious nuts.


Titled "The Frontier Zone"

Located on the plains of the Bandarian Continent, in the monster-infested frontier.

A small village composed of pioneers and adventurers. Vioscendo is noted for its extreme tenacity, and ability to quickly rebuild and survive on the monster-infested frontier.

Vioscendo, while not dedicated and worshipful of the Bandarian throne, does produce some of Bandaria's finest warriors.

Fort Baritone

Bandaria's main military center, a complex fortress that also contains Bandaria's prestigious military academy.

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