Birthdays are a game mechanic.

Chronological Order

January 19: James Nguyen (Capricorn)

February 3: Constance Yang (Aquarius)

March 8: Matthew Nguyen (Pisces)

April 7: Eliza Melladew (Aries)

May 14: Illuvia Vaisravwar (Taurus)

May 22: Romeo Landrowe (Gemini)

July 6: Serena Rivers (Cancer)

July 23: Milo Cantabella & Mersi Cantabella (Leo)

August 24: Clive Meredith (Virgo)

September 22: Isobelle Laisser (Virgo)

October 18: Charlotte (Libra)

October 24: Nicholas (Scorpio)

December 5: Soleil le Berceuse (Sagittarius)

December 18: Darcy Williams (Sagittarius)

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