Carol Aubade is a 17-year old currently residing in Flutti as a researcher for the Royal Bandaria Research Institute for the Arts. Carol is classified as an NPC, despite her heavy involvement in Romeo's character arc.



Neatly-cut, long, straight, light blue hair. Lifeless blue eyes.


Aloof and dismissive of others. Raised to study, work, and be the absolute best.

Combat & Abilities

Carol is extremely intelligent, and especially proficient at math.

Though hailed as a mathematical genius and prodigy throughout Bandaria, Carol is still looked down upon for her lacking musical talent.

Carol has no combat experience, and a weak physique from all the sleepless nights she endured as child studying to please her father. And so its doubtful that Carol will ever be a force on the battlefield.


Carol is the daughter of the Royal Bandaria Research Institute for the Arts's president, Charles Aubade.

Despite her father's amazing musical talent with the glockenspiel, Carol has almost zilch talent in music, and is tone-deaf.

However, Carol does have amazing abilities in mathematics, and thus dreams of one day being able to study in Biol's exceptional STEM academies (She currently can't as the 38th Biol- Bandaria War is still going strong, and her father is too heavily tied to the Bandarian royal family).

Carol's mother, Jacquelyn Lak, is actually an esteemed Biolian researcher, who fled Biol after Litten wanted her to perform unethical experiments (This is where Carol inherits her amazing math abilities from). Upon reaching Flutti, the most secluded and protected city in Bandaria, Carol's mother stumbled upon Carol's father. Charles fell in love with Jacquelyn at first sight, and began to obsessively stalk her until she finally agreed to marry him (Likely a marriage of convenience on her part). Eventually, little baby Carol was born, taking after her father in appearance. Carol's mother died shortly after Carol's birth (to some unknown cause, though Carol's father Charles suspects that it was foul play from the Biolian government, too paranoid that Carol's mother would give secrets away).

Charles, heartbroken at the loss of his beloved, tried to recreate Jacquelyn in his daughter, ruthlessly forcing Carol to study hard to nurture her high innate intelligence. Thus, Carol grew up to be like a lifeless doll, carved into the shape of her mother to please her father. Due to this, Carol does have some daddy-issues, and clings to Donald T. Landrowe (also known as Romeo Landrowe's father), who she regards as the father she never had.

Main Story

The party meets Carol near the end of the first arc, when the party is tasked by King Cortez to find a way to protect Bandarian citizens from Biol's ruthless biological warfare (they hurl diseased bodies over the town walls or something).

Carol doesn't play a prominent role in the story until a good ways into Romeo's Character Arc, near the end of the Second Arc.


Milo Cantabella

Carol looks down on Milo for his stupidity, and scoffs at his inability to add fractions.

Constance Yang

The two are in a fierce rivalry, always trying to outdo and prove their intellectual superiority over each other. Towards the very end of the ToDTNL, when both are more sociable, the two strike up a amiable relationship and tend to gossip frequently over political scandals.

Romeo Landrowe

Romeo despises Carol for being close to his father, and for her intellectual superiority. Carol despises Romeo for his disregard of his parents, as Romeo actually has a normal family compared to Carol's disillusioned father still trying mold Carol into her mother.


  • Carol's favorite phrase is "What is this?" (said in the most deadpan voice~)

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