Clive Meredith is a main character of ToDTNL. He is an eighteen-year old male, and one of the four religious leaders serving under Bandaria. His duties have taken him far and wide across both nations, enabling him to offer wisdom to the others. With his street smarts and sense of humor, Clive is almost universally likable.





Clive easily separates his work from his personal life.

He cares deeply about his friends, and strives to keep his past hidden so that he can enjoy the new life he's created for himself.

Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 3
  • Defense: 4
  • Magic: 4
  • Strategy: 4
  • Speed: 5
  • Stamina: 3
  • Luck: 3

Clive uses a bow in combat, and thus provides many long-range options as well as use against airborne foes. He can also provide decent support, with a few healing and support spells in his arsenal to help out the party.

Clive is a mid-range bow wielder. he is extremely efficient at what he does, with a few added bonuses as he can also substitute for Support and Offensive caster roles. Clive is also versatile, but can’t deal on the frontlines with his fragile defenses- both his Phy and Magi defenses are pitifully low. However, Clive is decently fast, and can dish out some good damage with both his Phy bow artes and Magi spells. Plus, If worst comes to worst he can hide behind his buds Romeo and Soleil (Read: meat shields) while he heals himself.

Clive’s AI is primarily focused on making sure that he stays alive. Thus, he will prioritize healing himself over others, and will only follows commands as given if they don’t endanger him in any way.


The original Clive was the most recent reincarnation, and he too adopted the responsibility for each annual purification ritual in Bandaria. Soleil, being the daughter of King Berceuse, was close with him; the two attended the same school, and quickly became best friends. To Soleil, Clive was the smaller, shyer boy who cried easily, was frequently dependent upon her, but was so committed to his duty that he caught the attention - and respect - of everyone he came into contact with.

When Soleil eventually became angry and contemptuous after being worn down for so many years by her demanding father, Clive was influenced as well. As her closest friend, he felt obligated to listen to her problems, which often expanded to encompass some universal ideal that the young, impulsive, and damaged Soleil believed in. As she expressed such a strong hatred for her nation, she let slip many complaints about its religious doctrine, and ultimately compelled Clive to defy the norm and question dogmatic beliefs.

Unfortunately, it was impossible at the time for Soleil to understand how much this would come to hurt her friend.

When Soleil's mother, the Biolian representative sent to marry King Berceuse for the sake of establishing peace between the nations, died in childbirth, the backup representative - unbeknownst to Bandaria - was sneaked into the nation with one objective: to exact revenge. Biol had warned that there would be consequences were anything to happen to the first person they sent.

This representative, a little Biolian boy, was nameless and orphaned from birth. Under the queen's control, he had little identity of his own: he was pushed to answer her every beck and call, regardless of how much pain each task would give him. So when he was told that he had to, in some way or another, make Bandaria suffer for its crimes, he was essentially given his first breath of freedom.

The boy harbored resent for Bandaria's religion in particular. In addition to inheriting the typically Biolian distaste for anything outside the realm of science and reason, he was jealous of how the children in the foreign nation could live reassured that something out there was watching over them. He, on the other hand, could never experience this sense of security. Knowing only knew fear and abuse for so many years, he could do nothing else but use this grief within him to damn Bandaria's entire religion.

When he entered the nation under a false identity, he came to the original Clive, who was his same age but had far more power than him. Clive being Clive, however, never looked down upon this boy. He treated the other child with kindness. Sensing that there was something dark and twisted within him, Clive demonstrated such overwhelming compassion that the boy began to feel guilt for what he was about to do.

But he pushed forward because he knew that if he were to make a better life for himself, he had to do what he came there for. So he manipulated the impressionable, naive Clive and forced horrific, blasphemous ideas into the other boy's head. Clive, still striving to be a stronger individual under Soleil's influence, wanted to reject his nation's common belief systems. After finally being convinced that the god he so strongly believed in, the god he was supposedly the son of, was nothing more than a figure within his indoctrinating curriculum, he was pushed to what he justified as "righteous" suicide. The unnamed boy, with blood on his hands, then stole Clive's identity. With the use of an enigmatic and extremely powerful Biolian arte, he was able to transcript Clive's entire genetic makeup to be that of his own. Now, with his name and even his appearance, this new, fake Clive became Biol's new spy.

To explain away the gap in memories, Clive faked amnesia so that he could smoothly transition into assuming every part of the original’s life, which included the cleansing ritual. However, even though he learned very quickly, his skills could not compare to that of the original, who was born and raised from the very start for his duties. Therefore, Clive falls short of completely cleansing the area each year, with each new ritual. The pollution left behind from every failed attempt eventually builds up, is left to congregate in the air, and, slowly but surely, becomes detrimental to affected civilians' health.

When this fake Clive pushed the original to suicide and then stole his identity, he not only did something incredibly immoral, but he was also successful in forever damning the entire nation.

The Bandarian religion, believing that only God has the right to determine when a person will die, strongly advocates against suicide. Therefore, when the original killed himself out of despair, the reincarnation of [figure] ended with him. As a result, true religious leaders -- descendants of God -- can never be born again.


Main Story



Milo Cantabella

Clive treats Milo as a younger brother, and attempts to teach Milo all about the wide, wide world around him (*cough* girls *cough*)

Soleil le Berceuse

Soleil remembers Clive as her close (and only) childhood friend, and determinedly tries to help him break through his "amnesia." Clive feels only a horrible sense of guilt towards her, and tries to avoid private conversations with her.

Romeo Landrowe

Opposites attract! The two have a good dynamic.

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