Constance "Connie" Yang, a seventeen-year old lawyer, is the deuteragonist of the story. At first, her shrewd and arrogant character leads the party to clash with her. Despite protests from the rest, Milo Cantabella insists on recruiting her because of her skills in battle as well as her top-tier strategic thinking. Even after joining the team, much of her identity remains shrouded in mystery because she is reluctant to reveal too much; however, this improves when her teammates begin to earn her respect. Ultimately, she becomes the team's designated strategist as well as the main line of legal defense, and develops an especially close bond with Milo in particular.



Connie has long, dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, and a modest, almost androgynous figure. Her hair curls and comes up in licks at the ends, while her eyes are almost eerily unsaturated. She has a rather "soft" appearance, yet an exceedingly "hard" core.


Connie is first introduced to the party as a fellow guild member who seems harmless at first. Cheeky, confident, and mischievous, she is relatively friendly toward the party—until she unexpectedly engages a battle with them after a clash in ideals. From this first fight as well as from the ones that follow, more and more of her true personality is revealed.

Connie's exterior hides an unkind side to her that presents itself at work and in combat. Aloof and arrogant, she has a reputation for being a troublesome opponent who relies heavily on her intelligence and difficult attacks. Even after she joins the team, she refuses to reveal her techniques to them, thus opting to distance herself from the others. In addition, she rejects Milo's well-intentioned advances and frequently toys with him in particular. Early story-wise, she maintains a mostly unconcerned attitude.

However, this attitude improves steadily but distinctly with time. Previously, she chose not to follow the strong moral compass she had developed throughout her career; however, after feeling influenced by...

Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 2
  • Defense: 3
  • Magic: 4
  • Strategy: 5
  • Speed: 4
  • Stamina: 3
  • Luck: 4

Connie has a reputation for being an extremely aggressive but intelligent fighter. She primarily uses a spear that contains a hidden, retractable scythe on one end. Much to her opponents' bewilderment, Connie's scythe is incorporeal and thereby invisible to the naked, untrained eye. With it, she executes her Full Swing arte, which is an infamously difficult special attack that she has honed since childhood. In addition, she also carries a loaded pistol to be used for emergencies.

Furthermore, Connie is known as one of the best strategical thinkers in the guild. She is incredibly quick to react to new circumstances, and can often analyze any situation with ease and accuracy.

Coupled with an assortment of spells, she survives off of her strategic plays and intense Full Swing, choosing to ignore her lack of basic physical strength until Illuvia Vaisravwar urges her to balance herself out—or face the consequences.


Connie was born in [location], where her parents both worked in law enforcement; her mother was the head of the police department, and her father was a Superior Court justice. She has always shared a tense relationship with both of them.

Connie was mentored by August. Their relationship was tense at first, but eventually, August decided to stop holding Connie accountable for her father's actions, deeming his previous judgment of her character as irrational. He then succeeded in befriending her.

She was treated with both grudging admiration and strong resentment from her classmates in her past. It can be said that she was ostracized by them as a result, though she had a choice in the matter as well; she chose to isolate herself, as she was led by her father to believe that too many friendships were nothing but impediments to success. For this, she was seen as rude and standoffish—both of which were not entirely off the mark.

Main Story

Event 1

Event 2


Milo Cantabella


Despite Isobelle and James's protests, Milo insists on befriending Connie.


Connie and Milo attend the same graduate guild together.

After graduation, Connie creates Marshal with Milo as his donor.

Clive Meredith

Connie and Clive are extremely close friends, and often go to bars together. They drink in moderation, as both of them dislike getting drunk.

Eliza Melladew

Connie dislikes Eliza's passion for Raisin Bran.


  • Her favorite food is...


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