Dr. Darcy Williams, M.D., is a neurosurgeon at the esteemed Providence West Hospital of Biol. Despite being only twenty-three years old, he is world-class in his specialty, and is the one responsible for saving James Nguyen's life. He is notably friendly toward Illuvia Vaisravwar. In addition, he is questionably close with Imogen Kim; however, the true extent of their relationship is heavily one-sided.



Darcy has dark-brown hair, grey eyes, and a short stature.


Darcy has excellent surgical skills, and despite his young age, has always been the best when it came to medical knowledge. However, he has been averse to showing emotion and getting close to people after the death of his sister and father. Because of this, he has poor bedside manners and often finds it difficult to empathize with the people around him, which unfortunately includes his patients.

Even though he is a genius in his profession, his aloof attitude makes him dangerously complacent.

Combat & Abilities

Although Darcy is incapable of combat, his surgical abilities are world-class.

Main Story

James, Hospitalized

Operating on Nicolas


In Darcy's childhood, his father—who had been drafted—was always away fighting in the war. Due to this absence, his mother eventually filed for a divorce and left the family. Therefore, Darcy was essentially raised by his older sister until she was fatally injured in a sudden accident. She was taken to Providence West, but unfortunately suffered from multiple organ failure only hours after being admitted, which led to brain death. With no family to call, Darcy (only 12 years old at the time) was the one who had to make the decision: take her off of life support, and donate her heart to a man on the donor list who still had a family. Later, it is revealed that this man was Illuvia's father, which is both how Darcy and Illuvia first met as well as the reason why the two are so close.

Providence West assumed responsibility for Darcy’s custody. With nothing else to do to pass his time, the boy began to wander around the hospital for the majority of his time. In due time, he took an interest to surgery, which compelled him to rigorously study it for an entire four years. After persuading the Chief of Surgery, he began to study neurosurgery and earned his medical degree (M.D.) at age 21.

At a younger age, Darcy used to be incredibly focused when it came to his occupation. Driven by the need to prevent tragedies such as his sister’s untimely death, he became competitive to an extreme. He was not above stealing his coworkers’ patients if it meant getting in on an exciting surgery, or as he would justify it, “an enriching learning experience.” Due to this outspoken, “hard-core” edge of his, nurses comically called him a terrorist.

Shortly after he received his degree, a Biolian soldier suffering from multiple head wounds was brought to Providence West after a particularly grievous battle. He was eventually identified as Darcy's father. Despite everyone's protests, Darcy claimed the patient and operated on him. Even after toiling for 12 hours in an attempt to remove all of the bullets, his father still ended up dying in the surgery.

Yet another tragedy within his family wore down Darcy and made him lose his edge. No matter how skilled, committed, and brilliant he knew he was, he was still unable to save another loved one. This revelation changed him into a cynical, lackadaisical, and reserved person. He no longer feels any passion for his job. Although this change initially worried his coworkers, they were discouraged from helping him recover after remembering his blunt attitude toward them in the past.


Imogen Kim


Illuvia Vaisravwar

Because her initials are IV, Darcy—in reference to IV drips—jokingly refers to her as his drug.


  • He is named after Dr. Daniel Hale Williams , a real surgeon and the founder of the first non-segregated hospital: Provident.
  • His favorite food is tonkotsu ramen.


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