Eliza Melladew is an eighteen-year old female Elvia. She is lazy to an extreme, but still manages a part-time job as a magician.



Eliza has minty-white hair and...


Eliza is initially a selfish, lazy narcissist who places great emphasis on always having her way. She is impatient as well as prone to complaining, often refusing to participate in practices with her teammates because she would rather be reading manga or taking a nap. In addition, she can be quite impulsive and brash, unwittingly saying things that somehow manage to backfire on her one way or another.

The primary reason for her lethargy is her firm belief in destiny; she claims that no matter what, fate will never betray her. Eliza is convinced that regardless of her actions—or any lack thereof—her happy future is already secured, tied up with a ribbon and wrapped as a gift for her to snatch when the time is right.

Eventually, it is revealed that Eliza's two fears are genocide and isolation. As she is a member of the Elvian race, she lives in perpetual unease; therefore, her superstitions are nothing more than comfort mechanisms. However, she refuses to fight against the systematic slaughter of her kind and instead chooses to appear completely unaffected. This is because she suspects, deep down, that her (human) friends might share the same anti-Elvian sentiment as others of their race.

Ultimately, Eliza is more than happy to create a ridiculous, over-the-top persona for herself as long as it will humor her friends. Despite being able to entertain large crowds (mostly at her own expense), she is socially awkward after such a long period of isolation. She shies away from delving into serious matters, which includes seeking much-needed emotional support. Although Eliza enjoys lively banter and casual conversation, she fears full-blown conflict and would rather blithely interact with the people she holds dear.

Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 1
  • Defense: 3
  • Magic: 5
  • Strategy: 3
  • Speed: 2
  • Stamina: 1
  • Luck: 5

Eliza primarily uses a large arsenal of spells to fight. Due to her lax nature, she is clingy and dependent on others. In battle, she often resorts to relying on her friends for backup once her recklessness gets her in trouble. Although her magic is powerful, her distaste for cooperation makes her a difficult ally to work with.


Main Story

Eliza's Elvian race is dying out; the Elvia are being systematically slaughtered for the benefits that their blood provides to the sustainability of human life.

Due to Eliza's reluctance in approaching the issue of elven genocide, the party is unaware of how serious the oppression is until they see it in front of their eyes. When she herself is hunted, she is forced to finally confront her worst fears and abandon the ideals that she once cherished as her coping mechanisms. Through this, she finally shows her altruistic inner depths.


Milo Cantabella

Eliza looks down on Milo for his determination to change the "future," but later grows to adore him as the close little brother she always wanted. The two have the running joke of Eliza attempting to squish Milo's cheeks and Milo running behind Connie to shield himself.

Isobelle Laisser

Eliza and Isobelle initially do not get along, Isobelle taking Eliza to be selfish and lazy, and Eliza taking Isobelle to be an overzealous workaholic. However, over time spent together on the backlines of the battlefield supporting their friends, the two bond and eventually begin to spend time training together.

James Nguyen

Eliza and James are surprisingly good friends, they bake oatmeal raisin cookies together and stalk Milo and Connie in their free time. James also tries to discipline Eliza on not procrastinating on her guild paperwork (for some reason she's an guild accountant?) by frequently screaming at her.

Connie Yang


Clive Meredith

Eliza and Clive meet under necessity, and maintain a polite relationship. However, once Eliza recognizes Clive's self-loathing love for Romeo, and Clive perceives Eliza's race (cause Soleil and Romeo aren't quite as observant to these matters), the two carry an unspoken agreement to support each other and cover for each other if anything is amiss.

Soleil le Berceuse

Eliza and Soleil share an eccentric faux-father-daughter relationship, which puzzles everyone. However, the two do bond over how stupid some people's hair looks (*cough* James and Romeo *cough*). Eliza also loves Soleil for her tsundere-ness.

Romeo Landrowe


Erik Melladew

one sided adoration, and other sided disdain.


  • Her favorite food is... RAISIN BRAN.
  • Her quirky behavior makes it difficult for outsiders to realize her high intelligence; she has a proclivity for math and also enjoys some philosophical endeavors.


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