Erik Melladew is a supporting character of ToDTNL. Erik was 16-years old at the beginning of the story, and died at 16 years old. Erik is a pure-blooded Elvia male, which makes him incredibly sought after for both procreation purposes and by humans for his "miracle-cure" blood. The love of his life is Maria Sunshyne.



Short whitish-grayish hair; naturally has red eyes but wears gray contacts to disguise himself.


Seems like an unpleasant person to be around normally, but around Maria is a doting, loving husband.

Combat & Abilites

Uses a broadsword in battle, and can use a few basic artes. Likely had the potential to be a master swordsman and skilled mage, but alas he died.

Erik is also surprisingly a good teacher; Erik and Maria serve as the game's tutorial for battle and gameplay mechanics.


Eloped with Maria because Erik's parents were against the pair.

Main Story

Erik is one of the first characters Milo meets after his escape from Ameritropolis. Teaches Milo the basics to survive on his own as well as basic sword abilities.


Maria Sunshyne

Erik's one true love. bae.

Milo Cantabella

Ethan is a patient mentor to the naive Milo, who was uprooted from his life of luxury into the lap of an harsh world.

Eliza Melladew

Erik's elder sister. The two are distant from each other, but still unite together against their strict parents.


  • Erik and Maria are the youngest married couple in ToDTNL.


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