Isobelle Laisser is a seventeen-year old girl as well as a professional healer aligned with the Society of Recovery. Her patients appreciate her kindness and selflessness; her friends, on the other hand, see her for who she really is: a feisty young girl.



Isobelle has magenta eyes and enjoys wearing her pink hair in pigtails. Her hair reaches her shoulders when loose.

She is fairly short in stature.


Isobelle is plucky, energetic, and uses charisma to get her way. Although she has a cute appearance, she can be prone to a fierce temper. Her work ethic is perhaps her most notable characteristic. Haunted by a past tragedy, she is intensely committed to the Society of Recovery and often practices her healing artes late at night—because she is afraid of falling behind.

Isobelle is supportive and understanding when it comes to her friends; however, she handles her own problems rather poorly. She becomes flighty in times of stress because she is sentimental as well as insecure. Although she tries to hide it, she lacks natural talent and thus doubts her abilities.

Above all, Isobelle is terrified of not being able to save the lives of her friends. She still blames herself for Felicity's "death," which remains her primary motivation for working hard in the Society. The rumors surrounding her—that she has to compensate for her lack of talent with an inefficient amount of hard work—threaten her chances at ever achieving Society leadership.

As opposed to a "lazy genius" type such as Darcy Williams, Isobelle has to undergo great pains to succeed. Because she secretly doubts her every move, she uses liveliness to hide her high-strung anxiety. Ultimately, Isobelle hides her pain so that nobody pries into her business—though she cares not if her friends worry, because she enjoys the extra attention… or so she claims.

Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Magic: 4
  • Strategy: 2
  • Speed: 4
  • Stamina: 5
  • Luck: 3

Isobelle is the best healer in the party, and wields a staff in battle to assist in qi channeling.

Isobelle is the traditional support character. She has low physical abilities and few physical artes (Pow hammer?), terrible physical defense, and is one of the slowest characters. On the other hand, Isobelle possesses high magic attack, and very high magic defense. Isobelle is also near vital to the party with her large array of support, healing, and light spells. In essence, Isobelle is a glass cannon of a white mage.

Isobelle’s AI I is decent, but can also be annoying. The AI will always prioritize healing even when told not to, so player must manually turn off some healing spells if they want her to ignore healing and focus on light magic. The AI is also extremely overkill on status buffs. Isobelle likes everyone to have increased defenses, and if done so already will proceed to give everyone attack buffs. She will only do light spells of her own volition is there’s nothing else to do (or if support spells are turned off), as she hates causing damage and harm (though maybe less so if her health is at risk).

In addition, she is skilled at cooking. As opposed to Jonathan’s proper meals, Isobelle's expertise lies more in baking sweets and other delicacies.


Main Story

Event 1

stuff happens

Event 2

more stuff happens


Soleil le Berceuse

Felicity Laisser

younger sister


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