Maria Sunshyne is the happy wife of Erik Melladew, and one of the mentors of Milo Cantabella. She died shortly into the events of ToDTNL.



Light brown hair with violet tips and dyed with blonde highlights.


Extremely kind and sweet, in contrast to Erik's generally hotblooded and sarcastic personality. Quiet and a tad shy.

Combat and Abilities

Maria is an novice healer, having trained briefly in the Society of Recovery before resigning to work a paying job as a servant in the Melladew Household. Otherwise, Maria doesn't really have any physical prowess (though she does summon a mean pow hammer.)

Maria also epitomizes the "good housewife" trope, efficient at cleaning and cooking.


Worked as a maid in the Melladew household for a few years and fell in love with Erik Melladew. Eventually due to the pressure by Erik's parents to break, the couple eloped and ran away to Cellula.

Main Story

Maria and Erik had taken residence in Cellula, and saved Milo from getting eaten by monsters. The couple then took Milo under their wing and mentored Milo on surviving in the big wide world. Shortly after, Maria and Erik were captured by Biolian soldiers and killed in Thymine dungeons.


Erik Melladew

The love of Maria's life; bae.

Milo Cantabella

Maria is a mentor to Milo, and loves to dote on Milo. While Erik teaches Milo the basics of combat, Maria guides Milo through gameplay mechanics, such as menu navigation, cooking, and exploration basics.


  • The youngest married girl in ToDTNL.

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