Marshal Yang is an eighteen-year old male and the playable deuteragonist of the sequel. He is the future "child" of Connie Yang (his creator) and Milo Cantabella (his donor), born through human genetic engineering. Because he greatly favors Connie over Milo, which is apparent in his dismissive attitude toward the latter and near-idolization over the former, he chose Yang as his surname.

At his school, he is both the valedictorian for his senior year as well as the captain of the volleyball team. Although he behaves flamboyantly in front of most people, he can be moody and cynical when alone.



Marshal has chocolate-brown hair—a mixture of Connie and Milo's hair colors— and blue eyes—directly inherited from Connie.


Despite his intimidating introduction and aggressive battle tactics, Marshal is mostly cheerful, humorous, and clever. At school, he is known for his skill in both athletics and academics as well as his appealing looks and character, all traits that make him popular amongst female students, or "fangirls." His easygoing eloquence allows him to slip out of unfavorable situations through words alone. Marshal is liked by the people around him because he saves his more controversial side—his childish behaviors and smug attitude—for his close friends.

Marshal's competitive nature is driven by the reputation Connie has left behind. Although he likes a good challenge, he desperately fears losing to anyone and thus sets high expectations for himself. He hates defeat almost as much as showing his true emotions; regardless of his flirtatious "pretty boy" reputation, he has a distant side to him as well as what Apollo calls a "terrible personality." Although he may don a blasé exterior at times—or choose to whine childishly when it comes to certain predicaments—he is genuinely serious about his commitments. Above all, he is extremely cunning and almost scary in professional and battle settings.

As a leader, he is charismatic and open-minded. With both Connie and Milo's best traits, he is able to connect with an extensive variety of different people, ignoring their eccentricities and even using them to bring out their full potential.

Even though he flirts with multiple girls, he rarely stays in relationships with them because he tires of them after a week or so. The same applies to his friends at school; although he does not dislike them, he cannot forge a strong bond with them as he can with Apollo and Chrysanthemum, his childhood friends. As a result, he feels lonely because he has few people around him whom he genuinely likes. Regardless of how much he denies missing home, he longs to be back again—after years of separation, he is still attached to his quaint hometown, surrogate parents (now deceased), and true companions.

Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 4
  • Defense: 3
  • Magic: 5
  • Strategy: 5
  • Speed: 4
  • Stamina: 4
  • Luck: 2

Marshal wields two double pistols and an assortment of fire spells.


Main Story






  • His favorite food is...


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