Mersi Cantabella is one of the major antagonists of ToDTNL, and the twin sister of Milo Cantabella.



Long, slighty curly ginger hair and sunshine orange eyes.


Mersi is an intelligent and melancholic individual who contains a vast amount of experience from a dark, traumatic past. She is pessimistic, judgmental, and afraid of opening up to others. Isolating herself initially allows her to remain moralistic, but her heart has long been poisoned with sadness and hatred. Having been traumatized from repeatedly losing everyone she ever cared for despite her best efforts, she closes her heart to new people in order to focus on her goal. Though she is committed to saving all her friends, her pessimism has led her to give up on treading any moral high ground, thus allowing her to delve into the squalid side of society. She is prone to fits of barely-controlled, desperate rage should any of her friends be in danger.

After seeing all of her friends die around her countless times, she began upon a self-destructive path. Her anger leads her to commit almost villainous acts of wrath either as catharsis for her pain or to protect the few she still holds dear. She has developed a “the ends justify the means" way of thinking. Even though she can be ruthless, she is not particularly unreasonable.

Although she cares deeply for her friends and has lived many lives with them, none of them remember her in this universe. She has to keep herself at a respectable distance from them; sometimes, she can barely hold herself back from revealing the truth.

Above all, she is haunted with a sense of inevitable failure and inescapable futility. Despite almost being swallowed by despair, she still desperately clings to her first and foremost goal: to ensure that everyone survives.

Combat & Abilities

The twin has a violently turbulent disposition, and thus has an unidentifiable Qi type.


Main Story

Event 1

Mersi is mentioned by Milo numerous times, and is noted to be the reason that Milo was not killed in the Cosci Revolution.

Event 2


Milo Cantabella

Milo is Mersi's twin brother, younger by exactly 7 seconds.


  • Mersi's name was derived from a phonetic interpretation of the name "Mercy."


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