Romeo Landrowe is a playable character of ToDTNL. He is an eighteen-year old male and a former captain of the Biolian army. Currently, he holds a leadership position in the Resistance Against Imperium Renegade Faction (RAIRF).



Romeo has brown hair and green eyes.


While serving as a captain in the Biolian army, Romeo earned a reputation as an overbearing perfectionist with autocratic decision-making. After being abandoned by the soldiers under his command, he felt genuine regret at his actions but found that he was unable to change by himself. Romeo developed a deeply-rooted fear of betrayal as a result.

Romeo, albeit nowhere near as serious as before, is still pompous and domineering. For the first half of the story, he has virtually the same faults as before.

Combat and Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 5
  • Defense: 4
  • Magic: -
  • Strategy: 5
  • Speed: 3
  • Stamina: 4
  • Luck: 3

Romeo equips throwing knives as his main weapon, and is able to wield them for both mid-range and frontline combat.


Romeo was formerly a captain in the Biolian army. He treated the men under his command poorly, barking orders and criticizing them for anything he perceived to be a shortcoming. His soldiers eventually became fed up with his leadership, and decided to abandon him in the most infamous border dispute of recent years. Romeo, left to fend for himself against two dozen Bandarian soldiers, was only saved when... involved themselves.

Romeo was chagrined by this defeat. Feeling unwanted by Biol, he formally resigned and went on to...

Main Story

antagonist for the first third of game, later joins the party as the last permanent playable character.


Clive Meredith

Extremely intimate relationship...

Isobelle Laisser



  • His favorite food is apple curry with rice.


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