Out of a distaste for hospitals and their inaccessibility to those less monetarily privileged, the Society of Recovery is a renowned organization of qualified, professional healers that seeks to treat anyone and everyone, free of charge. It was founded in... by...

Notable Members

Isobelle Laisser

Isobelle is a free-spirited field worker for the Society, allowed to travel wherever she pleases so that she can heal whomever she meets on the road regardless of their background or identity. Her only obligations are that 1) she must never require a fee for her services, and 2) she must report back to the nearest Society headquarters every three months.

She is respected by many people as a healing prodigy; despite her young age, she has a very low mortality rate and thereby a high success rate on her hands. Her clients tend to be pleased with her kind, accommodating professionalism.

Many other healers, however, resent the popular Isobelle. There are rumors within the Society that she is not as skilled as she wants everyone to believe; she herself is more or less aware of them, and she knows the truth better than anyone else. Those who dislike her—frequently out of jealousy—declare that she is nothing more than a hard worker who secretly lacks true talent or the genius-like qualities that everyone, including her, hopes to have. She has to put in a painful amount of effort while everyone else has their backs turned so that she can keep her position at the top.

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