Soleil le Berceuse is a main character of ToDTNL. She is a 18-year-old female, and the only princess of Bandaria. She also is a high ranking member in the Resistance Against Imperium Renegade Faction (RAIRF).



Short messy red hair (tied in a short ponytail with what hair she can tie) and reddish-brownish eyes.



Combat & Abilities

Ability Parameters

  • Strength: 5
  • Defense: 4
  • Magic: -
  • Strategy: 1
  • Speed: 5
  • Stamina: 5
  • Luck: 3

Martial Arts utilizing powerful punches and kicks.

Soleil is a slow, but extremely powerful character. Soleil’s Phy Atk and Def are the highest of the party’s. However, all of Soleil’s powerful punches and kicks are hindered by her very slow speed (but they will still hit for tons of damage). Oddly enough, Soleil is a speed demon in the air, and if much better relative to all of the other dedicated Frontline fighters. Soleil’s magi defense is average, and why would she ever need any Magi atk? Essentially Soleil the the bulky tank, with high attack. Her attacks are executed rather slowly, so enemies may stun her before she can do any actual damage. But Soleil is also one of the few characters to learn the fabled Glory skill, at which point she becomes rather overpowered.

Soleil’s AI is reckless and focused on defeating all enemies on the field as quickly as possible, with no concerns to her own health. Soleil takes strategy commands with a grain of salt, and always prioritizes the quickest way to finish the battle and does not care for strategy that would result in the least amount of injuries.


Princess of Bandaria. Ran away to join the Resistance Against Imperium (RAI) Renegade Faction.

Main Story

Fights the party numerous times before joining as a permanent member a third of the way into the game.


Isobelle Laisser

Soleil and Isobel are extremely close friends, to the point where friends have commented on their "intimate" friendship.

In the sequel, the two instigate a relationship.


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