ToDtNL is the first game that precedes the sequel.



Tales of Decide the Name Later takes place on Fycanon, a planet primarily divided into two nations: Bandaria, the traditional land of art and religion, and Biol, the progressive land of science and knowledge.





  • Milo Cantabella - The estranged prince of Cosci who prides himself in his newfound ability to see into the future. Upon coming into contact with certain people, he receives visions that forewarn him of disaster. With them, he does everything in his power to prevent such tragedies from befalling him and his friends.
  • Constance Yang - An attorney-at-law whose deceptive personality and dark past are initially hidden from the party.
  • Isobelle Laisser - A popular healer from the Society of Recovery.
  • James Nguyen - Milo's butler and childhood friend.
  • Romeo Landrowe - A former lieutenant within the Biolian army.
  • Clive Meredith - The fourth religious leader of the Bandarian faith. He is responsible for all religious activity in Bandaria's west quarter, and his duties involve the annual cleansing ritual in particular.
  • Soleil le Berceuse - The former princess of Bandaria who, after running away, became a fearsome delinquent.
  • Eliza Melladew - An Elvian girl who believes so strongly in the concept of destiny that she is content with lazing around each day.


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